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Whether you’re an independent businesswoman, stay-at-home mother, or anything in between, it can be difficult to fit in a workout amidst your jam-packed schedule of priorities and obligations.It’s important to note, however, that by prioritizing your own health above everything else, you’ll be able to show up as your best whatever the day’s obligations might be.

The best part? Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t have to be time-consuming and rigorous. In fact, an effective workout can be achieved in under 20-minutes in the comfort of your own home using just your body weight!

If you’re a busy female professional finding it difficult to fit a daily workout into your schedule, this article is for you! Below are three key tips for how YOU can prioritize your workouts without them getting in the way of your professional life.

Tips for Busy Professionals 

There are endless tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies for ensuring a consistent exercise regimen, no matter your schedule; after all, however busy your schedule might be, we all have the same 24-hours in a day…

In what follows, however, we here at Fierce Knockouts have compiled three (3) of the best tips for how YOU can begin to fit in workouts amidst your busy schedule. While some of the tips might sound simple and borderline common sense, we didn’t say it’s easy!

But who wants to take the easy path anyway?!

Wake Up Earlier

While this might sound like common sense, it’s easier said than done; especially as a busy female professional who may double as a mother! However, if health and fitness is a priority in your life (and it should be…), then you need to begin to treat it as such.

Let’s face it, sometimes life just gets too busy, making it feel like we simply don’t have enough hours in a day… But what if you woke up just 30-minutes earlier?!

In that 30-minutes, you can accomplish so much! From a brisk morning walk or run to a 20-minute high-intensity interval workout or preparatory yoga session; the options are endless!

Implement At-Home Workouts 

Which brings us to the next tip… Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an expensive gym membership at a 20,000 square foot facility to accomplish an effective workout; Quite the opposite, in fact…

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, it just requires you to move your body, break a sweat, and get the endorphins flowing! Whether it’s in your garage, family room, or designated space made for a makeshift home gym, at-home workouts can be just as, if not more effective than any workout you can accomplish at a corporate gym; it all comes down to intention.

Bring Your Workout Clothes to Work

Finally, consider packing your gym bag the night before and bring your workout clothes with you. Not only will this save you time from commuting to the gym but it will act as a reminder, an accountability partner if you will, to get that daily workout in amidst your busy professional schedule at work.

Even more, by investing in high-quality, comfortable workout attire, you’ll be that much more motivated to change outfits and get that sweaty workout in! There’s nothing worse than being so busy throughout the day, only to squeeze in a workout in uncomfortable clothing, right?!

Finally, while comfort and motivation are of the utmost importance, so too is feeling confident. With the right workout attire, you can accomplish all three…